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Payment Options

Vantage is pleased to offer a variety of payment options to better aid you with all fees associated with being a homeowner within an association. We encourage you to utilize your website to help aid you in your search for the most appropriate payment solutions.

Pay Online
Vantage encourages the usage of Automated Bank Withdrawals for convenient monthly and quarterly payments. Learn how ACH Debit Service payments can provide exemplary service to meet your financial needs regarding your association fees.

Please visit your association website to find the appropriate customized forms for your association.

To find your HOA, visit Owner Services

  1. Type in your association name and hometastic.com will re-route you directly to your association.
  2. From there, the Documents folder will have detailed information and links about ACH Debit Services, as well as Paylease.

Once you’ve decided this is the best option for you, simply download and complete the forms, attach a voided check, and then mail directly to us at:

Vantage Community Management Inc.
8290 28th Court NE, Suite C
Lacey, WA 98516

Don’t forget to: Attach a blank, voided check written on the account you want the pre-authorized debit drawn from.

Online Payments with PayLease

Vantage now allows payments to be processed through the convenience of Paylease. Please note that 3rd party charges apply. Details can be found on the Paylease website. Neither Vantage nor your association retain any portion of these fees.


Traditional Payments

While we prefer the usage of established ACH accounts and online payments, , we understand that traditional payments are still necessary for some homeowners. Please note that Vantage is transitioning into fully automated paperless banking and encourages homeowners to explore and transition with us.

All payments should be made payable to:
The Name of Your Association

Please include your Lot Number, the account number from your billing statement, or the full street address of the home you are paying for on all checks.

Mail Checks, Money Orders or Cashier’s Checks to:

Your Association’s Name
C/O Vantage Community Management Inc.
P.O. Box 94384
Las Vegas NV, 89193-4384