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Full Service Management

Full service management is financial/accounting management, administrative support and property oversight. If you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean we don’t do it. Be sure and note on your Request for Proposal if you have some other activity not listed here.

  1. Prepare periodic billings statements for all units.
  2. Prepare and mail all Association correspondence (see Addendum A for possible charges).
  3. Maintain the following files:
    • Copies of correspondence to and from homeowners, contractors, etc.
    • Original of all meeting minutes.
    • All Rules and Regulations.
    • Audits, Budgets, Insurance Policies, Reserve Studies, Tax Returns.
    • Contracts executed on behalf of the Association.
    • All financial records of the Association.
    • Other files as necessary.
  4. Research and maintain all data related to transfers of ownership and voting rights.
  5. Provide Payoff data to Escrow companies.
  6. Ensure WA state annual corporate filing.
  7. Financial Services
    • Establish and maintain a set of books for the association on accrual basis.
    • Establish bank accounts at a financial institution of management’s choice.
    • Reconcile bank account statements to the association’s books.
    • Make timely deposits of Association funds and pay all authorized expenditures.
    • Establish individual unit accounts for the posting of maintenance fees received from owners, within our computer system.
    • Prepare and file all local, state, and federal tax returns in coordination with the Association’s accountant.
    • Pursue the collection of delinquent fees according to the policies and procedures established by the Board.
    • Request documentation from vendors, including business licenses and insurance certificates.
    • Prepare and distribute 1099s annually.
    • Prepare monthly computerized financial reports for the Board.

All Accounting services, plus the following annual tasks:

  1. Insurance Review/Renewal
  2. Audit/Tax Return Administration
  3. Annual/l Meeting Mailing/Preparation/Attendance
  4. Annual Budget Preparation/Mailing
  5. Reserve Study Coordination/Renewal
  6. Periodic Reserve Transfers
  7. Provide and manage an association website through Hometastic.

All Accounting Only & Accounting Plus services plus:

  • Assigned Association Manager
  • Board Meeting Attendance
  • Maintain physical maintenance calendar/quarterly inspections/property oversight
  • Contract preparation/oversight
  • Coordinate/Log Architectural Control requests and decisions
  • Coordinate Legal Services
  • Review/oversight of governing documents
  • Professional advice
  • Emergency Contact Service

See Contract Addenda for Charges

  • Meeting Minutes/Note Taking
  • Mailing and Emailing Projects
  • Renter Tracking
  • Delinquency Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Employee Oversight/Management
  • Repair/Construction Project Management
  • Gate and Security Management/Fob Distribution
  • Pool Employment, Security & Fob Management
  • Variable Billing Amounts, Special Assessments
  • Resale Certificates/Condo Questionnaires
  • Unscheduled Property Inspections & Meetings
  • Custom Financial Reports
  • Governing Document Amendments
  • FHA/HUD Certifications
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Preparation of Owner Directories/Opt In or Out Tracking
  • USPS Mail Box Key Distribution
  • Payroll Services
    • Maintain accurate payroll time sheets.
    • Prepare payroll direct deposit.
    • Prepare and submit state and federal payroll reports and taxes as necessary.
    • Prepare W2s and FUTA reports annually to the IRS.
    • Work with taxing entities to resolve any concerns and communication.